Loving this gorgeous video from @girlsguidegeeks about reclaiming your #CreativeCourage! Watch & be inspired:

New web design training videos – fresh goodness for March 2015!

amandaaitkenwithglassesHi guys – Amanda here!

I’ve put together some super juicy new web design training content for you – available for free for a limited time only! I can’t wait for you to experience it!

In these five never-before-seen videos that I just recorded last week, you’ll watch as I transform the old Girl’s Guide Courses site into the lovely new one that’s now online at http://girlsguidecourses.com.

By the time you’re done with this training, you’ll understand how to take a site design you’ve created in Photoshop (or Pixlr) and convert it into a Thesis-based website, without having to compromise any aspect of your vision!

Here’s a little peek at what you can expect:

Preview of videos

The skills that I demonstrate will allow you to take your own website or the websites you create for others to the next level of gorgeousness and uniqueness, which you (and your clients!) will LOVE.

Ready to get your hands on this empowering new training? All you have to do is click one of the buttons below to “like” or tweet and help us spread the word about the free Creative Courage Workshop on social media. Our goal is to empower 2,000 women with the live workshop, which kicks off on March 23rd, and we need your help to reach as many women as posible!

Once you’ve shared or liked via one of the buttons below, simply shoot us an email at info@girlsguidecourses.com with subject line “New videos” letting us know you’ve shared/liked, and we’ll send you the secret link to the videos!

Share about the #CreativeCourage Workshop on social media using one of the buttons below, and email us to get hooked up with the brand-new web design training videos!
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