Calling all committed & courageous women who are ready to SHINE online!

Had enough of watching the days, weeks, and months go by while you STILL don’t have a decent website – while everyone else and their mother seems to?
Or perhaps you’ve got a solid web presence already, but you hate how frustrating it is to have to settle for something you don’t totally *love* - just because you don’t know how to make changes to your site yourself, or because you’re locked into a specific look and feel that someone set you up with?

Or maybe you’re gearing up to launch a new project or business, but something tells you you’re just not cut out to work with a designer/developer. Instead, you love the idea of learning how to design and build your own site, so that you can express your creative vision precisely as you see it in your mind’s eye (and save thousands of dollars by not hiring it out in the process).

OR… could you be dreaming of creating sites for others (I don’t blame you – it’s one of the most fun & satisfying “professions” around!) – but you’re not sure where to turn for training that’s going to be relevant, affordable, and not deathly boring?

Whichever of those categories you fit into, The Girl’s Guide to Web Design is likely the *exact* answer you’re looking for.


Amanda smiling

And I’m getting ready to personally mentor two groups of women through the process of mastering my unique, powerful, and surprisingly fun approach to web design…


… But there are only 33 spots in each of our two mentoring groups, and we’re closing enrollment the moment they’re gone (or on April 26 – whichever comes first).

But enrollment is only open until April 26, 2014.

So if the thought of waiting any longer to finally have a website you’re proud of is enough to give you a stomachache (or if you need techy skills in your toolbox pronto), keep reading to find out everything you’ll learn in the program!
(Of course, you can also click here to sign up right now).


Meet Amanda: your excitable instructor

Richard Branson and me on Necker Island

Me with Richard Branson on Necker Island. If you can’t tell from the expression on my face, I’m definitely having a moment.

Hi! I’m Amanda Aitken. I taught myself HTML at age 13, and when I “grew up”, I got my degree in Media, Information, and Technoculture from the University of Western Ontario, and proceeded to enter the work force, where I cut my teeth as a marketer, translator, beauty & fashion writer, and web and graphic designer – all while running my own secret entrepreneurial projects on the side.

Then I got laid off from my copywriting job after asking to cut back my hours – and that’s when the REAL fun began!

Determined to never again set foot in the “9 to 5″ world, I started my own branding & design firm, Better Than Chocolate, and for a couple of years, I had an absolute blast helping women to create unforgettable expressions of themselves and their businesses online. But it wasn’t long before I felt an undeniable pull to do something new: to empower women to do this kind of work for themselves.

The result of feeling this pull? In 2011, The Girl’s Guide to Web Design (also known as “GG2WD”) was born.

So far, I’ve taught over 800 women to ditch their fear of code and unleash their inner designer with GG2WD. Guiding our students to empower themselves personally and professionally through learning to dream up, build, and launch beautiful sites is one of my biggest passions (I LOVE seeing what you all create with your newfound knowledge!).

Hair flip!

Hair flips happen a lot around here.

Today, I run a highly creative, sinfully fun business that makes me ridiculously excited to wake up every morning. I’ve been listed as one of the Top Young Female Founders to Follow on Twitter on, and I’ve had the magical pleasure of visiting Sir Richard Branson’s private island (that’s me with him in my “Galaxy Girl” costume above).

But while all that stuff has been awesome, no doubt, what I’m most pumped about right now is the fact that we’re bringing you a totally new version of The Girl’s Guide to Web Design – one that will teach you to design, build, and launch an awesome-looking, responsive (mobile-friendly) WordPress-based website under my direct tutelage.

You’ll then be able to take those skills and use them for your own web presence, to reinvent yourself online time and time again as you grow and evolve, or apply them to creating sites for paying clients.

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Let’s talk specifics: what exactly IS The Girl’s Guide to Web Design 2.0?

CheckmarkGG2WD 2.0 is a 3-month journey into webby mastery. designed for the woman who craves total control over her online identity – and the skills to create standout websites, for herself, or other people.

CheckmarkThe program is part online learning, part coaching. It’s about me empowering you to empower yourself. Because I *could* spoon-feed you all the information you need to build your website, but that wouldn’t benefit you in the long run. Instead, I’ll guide you through the course material in such a way that you’ll “graduate” from GG2WD 2.0 with the confidence, critical thinking skills, and research know-how that will serve you well for the rest of your life – so that anything you could ever possibly want to do online is within your grasp.

CheckmarkGG2WD 2.0 is an excellent option for those who want the benefits of working 1-on-1 with me, without the price tag (I charge $10,000 + for the branding and design work that I do with private clients).

CheckmarkAs a GG2WD 2.0 student, you’ll receive access to a private, password-protected website where all the course content is housed. The course site is online 24/7/365, and you can view it on your phone, tablet, or any kind of computer.

CheckmarkYou’ll learn primarily by watching fun and engaging “screencast” style videos, meaning that you’ll hear my voice and see my actual computer screen as I demonstrate various how-tos. Some of the course content is presented in written form as well, depending on whether it’s best taught in that format.

CheckmarkThe way I teach is kind of unique: you’ll do while you watch the videos, allowing the information to sink into your brain in a way that feels effortless – almost like learning by osmosis!

CheckmarkI assume that you have zero knowledge regarding site creation, WordPress, or Thesis, meaning that you won’t be overwhelmed, even if you’re a total, absolute beginner. All you need is trust in yourself and in the process. The rest will take care of itself!

Here’s a montage of some clips from our course videos (sped up, to show you more in less time!) to give you an idea of what our videos look like:


CheckmarkYou don’t have to go it alone. As a GG2WD 2.0 student, you’ll be part of a private Facebook group that only myself and the 32 other women in your mentoring group will have access to. It’ll be our own little playground for sharing, supporting each other, and just plain hanging out!

CheckmarkIf you choose to join us for GG2WD 2.0, we’ll spend three magical months together, and the end result will be you, equipped with a heck of a lot of webby know-how – and a website to prove it! I’ll be there in the private Facebook group to coach, guide, and encourage you on your journey – and of course, answer your questions about the course material. When you need specific-to-you advice and guidance, I’ll be there to give it to you.

CheckmarkAnd the fun doesn’t end when our 3 months of working together is up! You’ll retain lifetime access to the course material and private Facebook group.


So, what will you learn? Here’s the scoop on the course material (we’ll cover all these topics in-depth, but without taking ourselves too seriously!):


Chapter 1: Design your brand

  • We’ll kick things off with my signature “fearbuster” exercise, which will help you eliminate any worries or doubts you may have surrounding whether or not you’re “actually creative” once and for all (hint: you most definitely ARE!).
  • Then you’ll choose your unique brand colour palette with my easy, foolproof method. I can’t wait for you to meet the lovely shades that want to make your brand beautiful!
  • Next, we’ll move on to fun with fonts. I’ll help you to unearth the perfect fonts for your unique visual brand – whether they’re clean and modern, or soft and whimsical. Plus, you’ll pull off your very first graphic design project using a free online image editing tool called Pixlr – zero “artistic ability” or fancy software required!
  • Finally, you’ll create your very own digital “Brand Vision Board”. You’ll use this as the inspiration for the look and feel of your blog or site, so that you have a visual reference point for all the magic that follows.
  • I’m also throwing in my personal list of additional Pixlr training resources, which you can use to create lovely graphics of all kinds to enhance the look of your site.

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Chapter 2: SEO

  • In this section of the course, you’ll pick up all the tips and tricks you need to know about SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is important if you want people to be able to find you and your site when Googling your name or something related to what you do, and there are several surprisingly easy things you can do to ensure you’ve got your bases covered in this area.
  • You’ll also learn best practices for creating and posting content on your site that the search engines will eat up like candy. :)


Inspiring student testimonial
I was skeptical when I first read through the Girl’s Guide to Web Design site. I had zero background in anything web techie. After all, I was a CPA – not someone talented enough to build a real live website. Fast forward four months and I launched my very own custom blog design shop. Amanda has a natural ability to break coding down to the basics and make it – brace yourself – interesting! Thanks to this course, I found a calling I didn’t even know existed. I do a thousand cartwheels every time I think about it. Well, okay, not really, but you know what I mean!

~ Taynia
GG2WD Student (Signed up November 20, 2012)


Chapter 3: Behind the scenes of the World Wide Web: HTML and beyond

  • I’ll take you on a tour of the inner workings of the web, demystifying the world of servers, URLs, and web hosting in a humorous, lighthearted style.
  • Next you’ll be introduced to HTML! I’ll teach you the ins and outs of this super easy-to-understand programming language, without overwhelming you with unnecessary information.
  • By the time you’re done, you’ll be fully capable of writing your own HTML code, and understanding other people’s: a skill you can apply to nearly everything you do online!


Chapter 4: Domains, web hosting, and picking your “scenario”

  • We’ll begin with instruction on how to buy domains and get set up with a web hosting company (I’ve even got a special discount set up for you with my personal favourite host).
  • No matter your current situation with having a web hosting account or a domain, (or having no idea what either of those things are), never fear: you’ll learn which of the seven “scenarios” you fit into, and I’ll walk you through the exact process you need to follow to get your website “backend” ready to rock, so that you can start building your gorgeous new site on a solid foundation.
  • Already have a website that needs to stay online while you build your new one? Don’t worry: I’ll teach you a secret trick for keeping your site online and functioning until your new one is ready to go!

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Chapter 5: Installing and getting to know WordPress

  • You’ve probably heard that WordPress is where it’s at when it comes to powering your website, but which “version” are you supposed to use? And what about learning your way around its big, confusing interface? I’ll teach you the difference between and and will guide you through installing the correct version of the software on your domain.
  • Next, my signature method of WordPress training will have you effortlessly understanding and navigating the WP environment in ten minutes flat!
  • When you’re finished with this part of the course, you’ll be a confident, savvy WordPress user. Just don’t blame me if all your friends start calling you for tech support. :)


Inspiring student testimonial
The Girl’s Guide to Web Design is so much more than a course. It was the medicine my business needed to launch it to the next level. As an accredited Professional Co-Active Coach and a lover of all things digital, I struggled to find a way to combine techy with tender. Amanda’s course gave me the skills, her community gave me the support, and I gave myself permission to own my passion. Here’s what I know now: I am an artist and the world [wide web] is my canvas. I help women go deep, get real, get it right, and get it all online. I activate their web essence. I went from side-hobby-web-building to a full time web design business with an assistant and it would not have been possible without this course. I heart my work. Thank you for empowering me to own my brilliance.

~ Krista
GG2WD Student (now one of our Student Support Gurus!)
Signed up February 08, 2012


Chapter 6: Securing your website

  • Have you heard horror stories about sites getting hacked or hijacked? These things can and do happen – so it’s important to start protecting your web presence from the get-go.
  • We’ll go over which plugins, tools, and techniques you need to keep your web presence safe and functioning optimally.


Chapter 7: Introduction to Thesis

  • I’ve chosen to focus on Thesis, one of the most respected WordPress themes out there, as the basis of your training in The Girl’s Guide to Web Design. Thesis is a premium website framework that allows you to create a blog or site (or combination of blog + site) with literally any layout, any design, and any structure you can possibly dream up. I like to think of it as a ridiculously empowering (and powerful) “blank canvas” for any web project, and I personally use it for every site I build.
  • In this section of GG2WD, I’ll demonstrate which Thesis license you need (and which ones are just overkill), and will guide you through making your purchase (cost: $87).
  • Next, I’ll show you how to install Thesis on your WordPress site in about two minutes – so that you’ll be poised to create some website magic!

Already using a different WordPress theme? No problem! You’ve got two options:
1) You can purchase Thesis and secretly build your new, Thesis-powered website behind the scenes while your existing site stays online – and then, when the site is done, I’ll show you how to “flip the switch” so that when someone goes to your domain, she’ll see your new creation! It’s a straightforward process that many of our students use to seamlessly go from their old site to their new one, and the whole thing is explained inside GG2WD 2.0.
2) You COULD also choose to stick with your existing theme, as there’s a ton of content in GG2WD that you can apply to other themes. But please be aware that GG2WD is a Thesis-centric course. And you’ll probably find, if you decide to join us, that you’ll want to switch to it once you see what it can do! ;)

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Chapter 8: Thesis mastery

  • Here’s where things get REALLY interesting! I’ll demonstrate how to use the Thesis Skin Editor to curate the exact design you want for your site.
  • You’ll quickly see that with Thesis, you really do have infinite flexibility in terms of your page and post layouts, allowing you to create the site of your dreams without having to make a single compromise.
  • Plus, you’ll be using the “Classic Responsive” skin for Thesis, which means that your site will be responsive (read: look good when viewed on phones and tablets) right out of the box.
Inspiring student testimonial
The Girls Guide to Web Design was one of the first big investments I made in my business. It is so amazingly informative without being overwhelming. You walk through the program and you’re actually doing things along the way. Before you know it you have a fabulous site ready to rock the world. Amanda presents the information in such a fun and casual way it keeps it from being overwhelming, but it also is incredibly informative and empowers you to do some really cool stuff with your website. This is especially handy for DIYers since no one knows what you want better than you do.

~ Stacey
GG2WD Student (Signed up November 26, 2012)


Chapter 9: Fun with CSS

  • So you’ve got your site layout ready to go, and it’s looking fantastic – but there’s more you can do to match your web presence to your Brand Vision Board! This is where CSS, the sister programming language to HTML, comes in.
  • This part of the course offers in-depth (yet surprisingly smile-inducing) training on all things CSS: what it is, how it functions, and how to write your own code to bend your site to your will!
  • Our students repeatedly tell us that the way I teach this stuff is refreshingly unlike any other approach out there, and I can’t wait to show you the doors that this knowledge will open for you!


Chapter 10: The wonders of Firebug

  • Once you know your way around HTML and CSS, it’s time to meet the incredible tool that will allow you to peek at the inner workings of your site and fine-tune every last detail to your liking: Firebug!
  • By the time you’re finished this chapter, you’ll have the know-how to tweak the look of any element on any website: a process that’s oh-so-satisfying to those of us who are bothered when things are not “just so”. ;)

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Chapter 11: Responsive design

  • By this stage, your site is already mostly responsive, meaning that it adjusts itself for easy viewing and reading no matter what size screen it’s viewed on (very important in today’s age of iPhone use!), but if you’ve done a lot of customization using your newfound CSS knowledge, you’ll need to know how to “retrofit” your site to make it 100% responsive. That’s what we cover in this chapter. It’s tons of geeky fun, and with these skills in your back pocket, you’ll be crazy in demand if you decide to become a professional web designer!


Inspiring student testimonial
A little over a year ago, I started the Girls Guide to Web Design course, and to say that I am ‘untechy’ would be a gross understatement. In fact, in Chapter 1 when asked to take a screen shot of the before website, I pulled out my Nikon D90 (obviously on the automatic setting). Last week, I went back to Chapter 7 to place my new social media icons and thanks to Amanda’s brilliant teachings, I was able to go beyond the videos and test out my own different variations of coding in order to solve a problem. This course has made me extremely confident at dinner parties when tech conversations arise… I would even go as far as saying that I can be arrogant. Thank you Amanda for making me a GEEK!

~ Suzanne
GG2WD Student (Signed up October 19, 2012)


Chapter 12: Going live: launching your site!

  • Woohoo! Your site is complete, and you’re ready to unveil it to the world! By following the simple steps outlined in this chapter, you’ll ensure your launch goes smoothly, so that you can focus on getting the word out about your genius, rather than fumbling with last-minute tech quandaries.


Chapter 13: Creating sites for others

  • Plan to design and build sites for others? I’ve got you covered with special training on how to manage the creation and maintenance of multiple sites.
  • I’ll also share my personal techniques for working with clients and making sure your web design business runs smoothly.

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Bonus training

  • E-commerce: want to start a shop or store on your site? I’ll walk you through your options and get you going on your path to selling online – and you can use your handy dandy new CSS skills to dress up the look of your shop exactly the way you see fit.
  • Membership sites: ever thought about starting your own online course or other kind of membership site? I’ll point you in right direction.


Inspiring student testimonial
I’m not even sure where to begin with how much Girl’s Guide to Web Design has done for me. After years of teaching myself, watching dry, overwhelming online tutorials, even contemplating going back to college to learn how to code, Girl’s Guide suddenly landed in front of me and I signed up immediately. I completed the course 6 months ago, and I currently (finally!) have my own web design business with a 2 month waiting list of clients. Amanda makes everything easy and fun, while weeding out all of the “fluff” and driving home the important skills. And having lifetime access to the videos has proven to be such a valuable resource that I refer to over and over. Thank you so much for offering such incredible, valuable content!

~ Suzi
GG2WD Student (now one of our Student Support Gurus!)
Signed up September 14, 2012


Some of the places we’ve been mentioned:

Press & media

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Inspiring student testimonial
I’ve worked in marketing for 20 years, launched some fabulous websites with talented developers and I’ll admit it, I thought I was the online queen. I had the lingo down, I knew some basic HTML and espoused the benefits of writing SEO laden copy that converted. So, after my son came into this world, I thought, “Aha! Here’s my chance to start my own ecommerce project.” I knew I wanted to use WordPress and stumbled through the free tools to create a really average online presence – nothing like the gorgeous branded, dynamic and flexible website I was lusting for. Devastated, I resigned myself to thinking I would need to find thousands of dollars for a website designer, and spent hours perusing pretty portfolios that were completely out of my budget.

Somehow, during my search, I stumbled across The Girl’s Guide to Web Design and I just knew I had found my solution. The course has guided me through the basics of WordPress development that I couldn’t grasp on my own. Being a new mumma, I loved that I could tinker at any time that suited me, and I soon found out that my prior website knowledge was just the tip of the iceberg.

I’ve had to put my website project on hold for a few months, but I know that whenever I’m ready to launch, all I’ll have to do is remember my passwords and Amanda and her team will be there to guide me through. If you’re yearning for your very own unique, stunning, and functional piece of the cyber-pie to become your online representation of your business, then The Girl’s Guide to Web Design will make your heart sing!

~ Jade
GG2WD Student (Signed up October 27, 2012)


Take a sneak peek inside the GG2WD course site:

Here’s what the inside of our students-only website looks like:

Sneak peek inside course site

So… who is The Girl’s Guide to Web Design 2.0 for?

GG2WD 2.0 is for high-energy, can’t-hold-me-down women who are interested in empowering themselves (rather than being empowered by someone else) with a unique blend of creative & technical know-how. It doesn’t matter your age, location, career goals, or reason for wanting to master this stuff, but you need to be a courageous spirit, dedicated to your own personal and professional growth and advancement. If this sounds like you, you will flourish and thrive as one of my students!


Who is the course NOT for?

GG2WD 2.0 is not for you if you needed a completed website yesterday, if you expect others to facilitate changes in your life, or if you’re not prepared to put in the work to harness the information contained in the course. While I’m confident that the GG2WD method of learning web design is second-to-none, I can’t magically transform you into a web design goddess if you don’t commit to watching the videos, following along with what I demonstrate, implementing the feedback I give you in the private Facebook group, and being prepared to troubleshoot, research, and try, try again when you encounter a hurdle. This program is not for the faint of heart, but each time you figure something out, have another “a-ha” moment, or get that little bit closer to completing your site, you will be rewarded with a feeling of satisfaction unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. And at the end of our three months together, you will be positively unstoppable. :)

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Inspiring student testimonial
I’m a creative type. Not overly tech-oriented. But oh-so eager to learn. And I had big dreams when I bought my domain. I saw a cool site with a bold & funky design & cool fonts! Only problem was: I just didn’t know how to get what was dancing round my imagination to out into the world.

I tried to sort out web design on my own, but came away more confused than inspired! I thought that I was just one of the creative types who was hopeless at HTML & CSS. And that I was never gonna turn my creative dreams into reality.

Luckily, I found the Girl’s Guide to Web Design & all that changed for me. The course is step by step and easy to follow; everything is explained so that anyone can understand!

And it opened up a whole new world of possibility, inspiration & creativity for me! Whatever I see in my imagination I now have the “know-how” to make it happen. I feel inspired & expansive, knowing that I can create beautiful websites for myself (or others if I want).

The greatest gift this course has given me is self-confidence & creative courage. Thanks for helping me make the leap from being a tech challenged creative soul to a web design superwoman!

~ Sean
GG2WD Student (Signed up February 19, 2013)


Here’s a sampling of the kind of sites you can create with Thesis, which is the WordPress theme you’ll be working with in the course:


Pretty amazing, right?
You’ll notice that they all look *completely* different, and are stunning in their own individual ways. That’s because Thesis allows you to build a site that looks like literally anything you can imagine. Yay, Thesis!


Inspiring student testimonial
The Girl’s Guide to Web Design is simply an outstanding course! I was completely immersed in the program for several weeks, so much so that at times I would choose to stay up until the wee hours of the morning working on my site and learning to code. Why? Because the course was so fabulously addictive and the expert guidance so incredibly easy to follow! I knew how amazing and exhilarating it was at the time, but honestly a year later I now fully comprehend how much it has completely changed my life. It has enabled me to begin a profitable business that I absolutely love. It has enabled me to build a close network of women from all walks of life – all with the same wonderful goal – taking steps to further our dreams. Best of all, it has enabled me to have complete confidence in my abilities and the level of accomplishment I can achieve. Who knew learning to code could do all that? I sure didn’t at the time I signed up for the class, but I would shout it from the rooftops now! I truly owe all of it to Amanda and her patience, teaching ability and heartfelt desire to help women succeed. Thanks again Amanda & company – you’re the absolute best!

~ Jennifer
GG2WD Student (Signed up October 19, 2012)


A few things you may be curious about:

How do I know if I’m “techy” enough for this course?

If you’re comfortable with sending emails and browsing the web, trust me: you can learn to create lovely websites. Web design & code are not domains reserved for people who have a certain gift or set of abilities. They’re skills that anyone can learn! How do I know? I’ve taught hundreds of women to design their own sites & blogs – and they’ve all been blown away by how easy it is when someone finally teaches them this stuff in a way that makes sense. Bear in mind, though, that this is the world of computers – so things sometimes go wonky, don’t work as expected, or take a few tries to get “right”. If you’re okay with that, you’ll be perfectly alright learning design & code. :)


How do I know if I have enough of an “eye” to be able to design something that looks good?

The “designing your brand” process that I take you through in The Girl’s Guide to Web Design will ensure that you come up with a beautiful “look and feel” for your web presence, and the “skin” that you’ll be using on top of the Thesis theme is elegant by default – even if you don’t add any of your own flair to it. So as long as you follow along with the videos and refer to your Brand Vision Board while building your site, the end result will be practically foolproof!

Can I take this course if I already have a website?

Absolutely! If you already have a blog or site, and you want to revamp it during our 90 days together, you have two options:
1) If you want your existing blog or site to stay online and accessible to others while you create your new one behind the scenes, I’ll teach you how to build the “new” version of your site without anyone knowing you’re doing it. This means you can continue running your existing site in the meantime, posting new content, booking clients, or selling your products – and when you’re ready to unveil your new design, I’ll show you how to “flip the switch” so that people suddenly and seamlessly see your new site when they access your usual domain/URL.
2) Or, if you don’t care about keeping your existing blog or site online and accessible to others while you create your new one behind the scenes, I’ll show you how to start creating your “new” site right away, hidden behind a placeholder page that will inform visitors that your new site is “coming soon”, while you tinker away in the background, hidden from view.

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Inspiring student testimonial
Imagine being a business owner for 6+ years and always wondering how you could take your business to the next level and have more freedom in your professional life.

Then imagine always dreaming of having a skill that combines your creativity with your business acumen and your love of helping people. Then imagine being able to take that skill to make a career for yourself, ANYWHERE YOU WANT!

Imagine that you get help other people doing the same by designing their website so they can unleash their power, creativity and help others in their lives.

See a theme here? Amanda’s genius idea is now paying it forward so we can ALL benefit, go after our dreams and setup our lives the way we want. This is what GG2WD is all about. It’s not just a course. It’s a movement and more importantly, a supportive community in which we all get to support each other and witness our growth and success.

I took the GG2WD in January 2012 and my life has completely changed! I’m now in the process of building a web design business as well as a life coaching practice, and moving abroad to enjoy my life more. All because I believed in myself enough to make this a reality. I’m proud to be part of this movement and I can honestly say that I’ve gained so much more than just web design skills. I’ve reinforced the belief in the possibility that I can DO ANYTHING and gained a killer community of powerful women!

Needless to say, I’m FOREVER grateful and I know that the possibilities are LIMITless.

PS: Everything you’ve wondered a question about web design, is addressed in this course. It’s super organized, efficient and so thorough. Thank you for all your hard work.

~ Sofia
GG2WD Student (Signed up January 16, 2012)



What if I like SOME or MOST things about the design of my current site, and I don’t want to start from scratch?

Your new site can definitely include elements from your existing design! The GG2WD method, paired with the infinite flexibility of Thesis, allows you to recreate the things you like about your existing site and ditch the things you don’t.

What if I’ve already bought a premium WordPress theme other than Thesis, and I want to stick with it?

I’m going to answer this question with a question of my own: If you want to have full control over the look and functionality of your website (which I’m assuming is the case, given that you’re here on this page), and your existing theme isn’t giving that to you… why would you insist of sticking with your existing theme? :P

Sometimes you have to admit that your initial attempt is no longer working for you, and make the choice to equip yourself with the tools that will get you to where you need to go. The Girl’s Guide to Web Design 2.0 will teach you to do anything you can imagine with your site – but you’ll need to switch to Thesis to reap the full benefits of the course (plus, I walk you through doing the switch, step by step).

Does the program have a particular schedule that I should know about?

Other than the fact that we’ll be spending three months together, no. Everyone learns at different speeds, and depending on what you decide to do with the website you’ll be working on, it may take you more or less time to complete each segment of the course content. I want you to be able to progress at a rate that feels good to you, so you won’t be expected to finish Chapter 1 during week 1, Chapter 2 during week 2, etc. Also, there aren’t any live calls for you to attend or anything like that. All our interaction happens inside our private Facebook group, allowing you to post questions or ask for feedback whenever the urge strikes. I’ll simply respond the next time I’m online. :)

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Inspiring student testimonial
Words cannot even describe the magical feeling I had each time I sat down at my computer to embark on yet another chapter… another video! There is something truly awesome about actually WANTING to learn vs. HAVING to learn (as we do throughout much of our childhood and into our adult years – unless we are lucky enough to actually ENJOY certain subjects in school).

My career has been diverse, dramatic, and adventurous…and I am one of those people who just can’t stop dreaming about what I want to do next. The Girl’s Guide to Web Design has literally made my dreams come true. For YEARS I had envisioned utilizing my creative and technical skills in a manner in which I could actually make a living…and from the comfort of my own home (or anywhere in the world). However, the amount of information out there (including the risk of stumbling upon a gimmick) is so overwhelming! Thanks to Amanda and her amazing support team, I have now obtained the skills and resources to create websites that are beautiful, professional, and most importantly, unique!

Amanda’s teaching style is comforting, well-paced, and light-hearted; and her passion for empowering women to learn skills that would otherwise be intimidating comes out in every video throughout the course.

From a support standpoint, this course is top-notch! In my opinion, the support alone is what makes the cost of this course the best money I have EVER spent!

~ Stefani
GG2WD Student (Signed up November 24, 2012)


How long will it take me to work through the course? How long will it likely be until I have a finished website?

That really depends on how much time you can devote to GG2WD. Some of our students who don’t have full-time jobs have devoured the course (and created their sites) in a couple of weeks, while others have taken much longer to watch all the videos and finesse their sites. If you can devote a few hours a week to working on the course material, you should have more than enough time to complete your first site before your three months of Facebook group mentoring from me is up. And don’t forget – you have lifetime access to the videos and all other course content!

Are there are any costs related to building a website that are NOT included in the price of the course?

Yes, there are a few. You’ll need the following items (I guide you through purchasing each of these in the course, as cheaply as possible, so unless you already have them, please don’t buy these items until you come to the appropriate point in the GG2WD 2.0 material):
- A domain (approximate cost: $10/year)
- A web hosting account (approximate cost: $100.00/year – but we have a special 20% off coupon code set up with our web host of choice!)
- The Thesis theme for WordPress (one-time cost: $87)

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Inspiring student testimonial
This course has changed my life! Sound cliché? Too bad! I only had non-WordPress design skills before entering this class and had never played in the world of CSS and HTML before.

This class gave me the confidence to not only create my site, but to launch the sites of other coaches and people in the health and wellness industry.

So my business took a turn for the unexpected. Now when I consult with clients on biz matters, I can give them design advice and even design their sites for them. This course has paid for itself 10 times over!

Thank you Amanda and the GG2WD team!

~ Anna
GG2WD Student (Signed up August 06, 2012)



Mostly convinced- but still a little hesitant?

My pledge to youI completely understand – and that’s why I want to make a pledge to you.

I pledge that GG2WD 2.0 is going to be the most incredible training you have ever taken part in. I pledge that your life will be forever changed by this program, and that you will get everything you want and need out of it – and then some.

As your mentor and guide, I promise that three months from now, you will be barely recognize the person you are right now. Because you will be a brighter, bolder version of yourself, with a web presence that you’re in LOVE with, and a seriously impressive set of skills that you can scarcely believe you didn’t have all along.

And now it’s your turn to make a pledge to yourself.

You deserve this training. This experience. You can do this, and I believe you know, deep in your heart of hearts, that you NEED to do this.

The program kicks off on April 28th. Now is your time.

Your journey of webby self-empowerment starts here!


Three reasons to sign up right this second:

- There are only 33 spots available in the two mentoring groups
- We won’t be opening the doors to the program again for several more months (at least)
- This is the only time the GG2WD 2.0 mentoring model (featuring three months of personalized guidance and support directly from me, Amanda) will be offered at this price

Ready to pick your payment plan? Simply click your choice below:

2 payments of $7751 payment of $15003 payments of $550

Note: In selecting one of our payment plans, you will be legally obligated to make each payment, across 2 or 3 consecutive months (depending on the plan you pick). You will receive access to all of the course material on April 28th, the day the program commences, and we offer this to you in good faith, with the understanding that you are committed to paying in full.

Time left to sign up (if we don’t fill all the spots before then):

Have a question about the program?

Feel free to email us at contact {at} girlsguidecourses {dot} com!

We’ll be happy to assist. :)

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